Persephone’s Return (a.k.a. Resumption of Normal Service)

I haven’t posted a book review since 29 September. As a result there is a huge back-log of books awaiting review, and surely some books which I have read I’ve forgotten to add to the list, so it might grow.

The hiatus has been firstly due to my taking part in a reading group for the Guardian First Book Award, which you can read about here:
And once that was over, Christmas happened (which, in retail, is not a pretty sight). After that, the only other excuse I have is new employment and writing more of my own fiction (which cannot be a bad thing!)

Now, however, as Spring tentatively arrives… reviewing will begin again.


About L Silverlock

I’m an aspiring author, bookworm and reviewer – this site contains book reviews I’ve written in recent years and also contains information about the novel I am currently writing, the first book of a trilogy provisionally titled ‘Roads to Rome’. If you’re a publisher, author, fellow-reviewer, bookseller, or just like my reviews then please don’t hesitate to contact me, and if you’d like me to review your book I’m happy to read new releases or proofs of upcoming publications.

If you’re interested in Roads to Rome’ please get in touch. I am looking for an agent.